Vinalhaven can be accessed by the Maine State Ferry Service, from Rockland, Maine and Penobscot Island Air. Upon arrival, our house is approximately 0.8 miles from the ferry terminal. Be looking for The Sand Bar on your right, then turn right onto Water Street. Proceed to Atlantic Avenue, then at the base of the hill, turn left onto Round the Mountain Road. There are two parking spots directly across the street from the house (#9). 

Walking directions from the Vinalhaven ferry terminal

Getting Off the Island

If you bring your vehicle over to the island, it's important to know the process for getting your car off on the ferry. You'll either need a reservation ticket (available up to 1 month in advance of the travel date) or by getting a line number. Instructions for obtaining a line number are below: 

  • Call 207-596-5450 at 5:30 AM the day before desired travel date (Pro tip: Call at 5:29 1/2 or 5:30 am on the dot to be early in the queue)
  • Press "2" to enter the line number queue
  • Have the following information ready for the ticket agent:
    • which ferry trip on the following day you would like a number for
    • your name (or the name of the person you are calling for)
    • your phone number (or the phone number of the person you are calling for)
    • a four digit number
    • type of vehicle you will be lining up
    • does it have roof racks, bikes, kayaks, ladders, etc., on the roof
    • if truck, the actual length of a box truck, dual-wheeled truck or commercial truck will be needed
  • The ticket agent will then assign you a number and inform you of the time to have your vehicle in line.

More info on line numbers or getting on the ferry via the stand-by line is on the Maine DOT website